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Dry-Aged USDA Prime Bone-In Rib Eye Steak, Center Cut (30-32 oz. each)


Minimum Order: 2 ($139.90)

The Bone-In Rib Eye is dry-aged for a minimum of 28-days and offers a truly savory steak experience, as this cut is the fattiest and the most flavorful. While the eye is relatively lean, the meat surrounding the bone is fatty and succulent.

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Product Details

Dry-Aged Beef

Dry aging is a process that both tenderizes and adds flavor to beef. Our dry aging room is kept below 35°F with a humidity of less than 90% and an ample amount of air flow. We age large primals of beef for a minimum of 28 days, for mild to medium aged flavor. During this time, some truly amazing things happen. Water from inside the meat is drawn out through evaporation, which causes the meat to shrink and the beef flavors to become more concentrated. Also, natural enzymes inside the beef break down the meat and tenderize it.


Shipping & Packaging

We take great pride in our meat and only serve the very best USDA Prime cuts. Our meat has never been frozen and arrives to you fresh. Meat is cut by our expert butchers and immediately after it’s portioned, it is vacuum packed to ensure optimal freshness. Meat is shipped Next Day Air with packaging designed for at least 48 hours of transit in case of delays. Please refrigerate or freeze immediately upon receipt. For best results, we recommend eating within 7 days if kept refrigerated or eating within 30 days if kept frozen. Deliveries may be delayed by one business shipping day in the case of any unforeseen transit issues.

All of our meat ships with UPS Proactive Response Secure. This is the highest level of service offered by any shipper. All of our packages are tracked and monitored by a special team at UPS. If one of our packages encounters a possible delay, then UPS will do everything possible to ensure on-time delivery. This includes rerouting packages, moving packages to the next commercial flight out, hiring private couriers to hand deliver packages, and making multiple delivery attempts. To add to peace of mind, all packages are insured against all possible transit delays.

Weight 30-32 oz




Dry Age

28 Days






Individually Vacuum Packed